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The PASEDO company started its activity in 2009. In the warehouse and production hall at Gliniana Str. in Zawiercie, the first machines were installed, which gave rise to the production character of the company. It is at Gliniana Str., where the structures of the company were created, a commercial department, an accounting department, an order fulfillment department and a construction department were separated. Along with the development of the company and taking up more and more space, the warehouse of finished products was moved to a separate hall, and the production part was divided into individual departments.

Currently, the seat of PASEDO is located at 95, Obrońców Poczty Gdańskiej Str. The company has a production and warehouse hall as well as an office complex with a total area of over 6,000 m². The constantly developed machinery park includes, among others 7 complete profiling lines for the production of steel profiles, bending machines, eccentric presses and other devices used for the production of metal fittings or various types of mounting plates. We also have a number of devices for joining profiles by pressing or riveting. Recently, the machine park was equipped with 2 robots that automated the process of production of guide sets, thus accelerating the time of order fulfillment.

The company also has a line for the production of elastomer seals and a line for the production of plastic elements, e.g. door handles. The aluminum department includes devices for processing aluminum profiles, used for the production of finished glazed sections and sets for pass doors. The sectional door systems available in the PASEDO offer can be seen on the exemplary doors installed in the show room. They are tested to check the service life of the door components. A separate test stand has also been created to test the service life of various types of torsion springs.

The testing of PASEDO systems is supervised by the R&D department, which also deals with the continuous improvement of our products, as well as the development of new solutions. Our company cooperates with research units, conducting ongoing tests of its systems in terms of compliance with the PN-EN13241-1 + A2 standard.

Within a decade, PASEDO from a small domestic company has become a recognizable brand operating throughout Europe. Step by step we have become a leader on the Polish market in the field of production of component systems for sectional doors. We work with the largest door manufacturers, building lasting partnerships by providing the best quality products and support for our customers. Thanks to good decisions, the company consistently implements the development strategy.
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